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How To Appear Professional While Still Working As A Freelancer!

Working from home does not make you any less a professional. The freedom and lack of brand attachment is deceitful and may drive you to feel or act less professional. This may push away some of the clients from your brand. How can you appear professional in the eyes of potential clients to increase your chances of being hired?

1. Professional Training

If you claim to offer particular skills, it is only prudent to present professional certificates. A certificate or professional papers is an indicator of seriousness. It also shows that you made attempts to learn and your level of mastery has been approved by a certain body like college or panel of examiners. It gives a client confidence that you can deliver. Give a link or information about the training or licensing body or institution to support your claim.

2. Online Presence

People working from home or freelancers do not have physical addresses where clients can walk into. However, a digital presence or online profile will change your fortune. This is in form of a website where a client looking for your services can find you. The website or blog should be presented in a professional manner. It serves as your ambassador when you are being interviewed for the work at hand. Include your photo, competence, experience, sample work and reviews or recommendations from past clients. Your contact details and qualification will plead the case on your behalf.

3. Portfolio

This captures samples of work you have done in the past. The work must be commensurate to the skills you claim to offer. Package it in an attractive manner that captures the attention of your potential client. Ask clients to recommend you or give a positive review on your portfolio. This is an endorsement that will have a great impact on your marketability. Use the right keywords to make it easy for blind searches to find you. The contact details must be clear and open to public use to ensure that you are reachable.

4. Work Schedule

Provide a clear work schedule to your clients. This enables them to program their work and give reasonable deadlines. You might be working with a client who is not within your time zone. Make it known the time zone you operate on. This is why clients give deadlines in terms of hours compared to a specific time. The client will identify you as a serious worker who dedicates time to the tasks at hand.

5. License And Taxation

Clients are interested in law abiding partners. They will not work with you if you contravene laws by not possessing necessary licenses or failing to pay taxes. Show records or identifies that your operations are legit and will not compromise the operations of your clients.

Reliable workers use formal payment systems. Such systems will not compromise the financial details or finances of their clients. Establish a convenient and formal payment system that is widely recognized and used. Your accounts should be verified and approved to transact. They must not be associated with suspicious activities. This gives confidence to clients that they are working with a professional.

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