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Improving Productivity When Working From Home!

The environment at home is tempting. You are likely to wake up late because you feel under no pressure, work slowly or even not work at all. You will only be jolted back to life by unpaid bills or when you realize that your bank balance has reduced. How can you maintain focus and productivity when working in an environment that has no pressure from a boss or the work environment?

1. Establish A Schedule

The freedom to work from home is deceitful. Clients want a person they can rely on to deliver work in good time and consistently. This will be tricky if you choose to work at any time you wish. By establishing a schedule, your mind and body will consider your tasks as serious.

Work hours may begin early in the morning or extend late in the night. This enables you to take care of young children, for example, in the morning and then resume work or attend evening classes, etc. It also allows you to present a working schedule to your clients and thus allow them to allocate tasks accordingly. By knowing the number of hours available to work you can predict how much you will be making.

2. Inform People Around You

Let the people around you know that you are from home and are not idle. Relatives, family members, friends, etc are likely to interrupt you thinking that you have free time to chat, watch games, movies, etc. They must realize that you are engaged in serious employment though working from home. They will respect both your time and space. This also allows you to concentrate on your work and thus be more productive.

3. Set A Proper Work Area

A proper and comfortable desk is important in putting you in the mind set of a working person. This is unlike working from your sofa or balcony. The body feels relaxed and might not allow you to fully concentrate. Invest in a desk that allows you to work for long hours without fatigue or compromising your health. The space should be well lit, warm and comfortable.

4. Tune Your Mindset

The fact that you will be working from home does not leave you at liberty to produce poor quality work. It also does not mean that deadlines can be violated at will. Clients are looking for high quality and reliable freelancers. Have the mindset of a professional. It is by delivering quality work that you will get repeat and consistent clients. Take your work serious and watch your fortune and professional skills grow.

5. Take Breaks

There is a temptation to overwork especially when the potential to earn is high. With no one to close the office at 5.00 pm and force you out, you are likely to strain your body and mind at work. Learn to take a break and treat your body right. Walk around and exercise enough. Take the right foods. Devote time to your family and social life because they affect your longevity and long term productivity.

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