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Tips To Protect Your Money Earned Online When Working From Home!

Updated: May 23, 2018

It is agonizing to work long hours only to lose your money in a scam. This is common when working online. Many victims say that they did not see it coming since the clients pass as genuine. But how can you protect your hard earned cash when working for an anonymous client? Here are distilled tips by professionals that will safeguard your money.

1. Deal With Genuine Clients! Avoid rushing to work for a client because he promises handsome rewards. Some of these rewards are meant to lure and hoodwink you before you fall into the trap. There are signs that will indicate that you are dealing with a genuine client. You may read reviews from other workers about the client. Ensure that these reviews are at a platform that the client has not control over. Clients who have been in the industry for a while are also more reliable. Their offers have been tested and ascertained to be genuine. Genuine clients have operating licenses and are accredited by certain bodies. They have operating licenses that can be verified from the issuing authorities.

2. Establish Escrow Accounts! An escrow account gives you control over money until the services or goods you seek are delivered. Before money is withdrawn from such an account, both parties must approve. Push your client to deposit money in such an account. Once you have delivered the work, you will get approval to withdraw. Con clients will not accept such an arrangement. If the client is uncomfortable with such safeguards, you should be worried and look for services elsewhere.

3. Set Milestones! Negotiate milestones with the clients that will guide payments. For instance, get payment after completing quarter of the work. This reduces the amount you are likely to lose to conmen. If a client fails to pay by the first milestone, you can abandon the services and reduce your losses. The milestones set should be reasonable. They must be based on the progress you make on the assignment and also be considerate of the client.

4. Use Formal Payment Systems! There are numerous payment systems used when transacting online. Some are secure while others can easily be compromised. One of the ways to lose your hard earned cash is by using non-formal or unknown payment platforms. In fact, it is advisable that you use a credit card because it comes with more secure reversal terms. Debit cards can easily be compromised. There are cards that are not widely used and might present a challenge either to the customer or you during withdrawal. Stick to widely used and formal methods to safeguard your money and personal details.

Working from home comes with own expenses and no one should joke with your money. Take measures to protect your earnings in order to avoid delays or tussles over payments. Establish clear and formal payment options that should be communicated to clients before hand. Should you feel jittery about a client you are about to engage, conduct due diligence before proceeding. Use verifiable payment trails to preserve proof in case you ever need proof

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